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1.      Bed bugs will not bite you if the lights are turned on.

        Myth -Although bed bugs tend to be more active at night, bed bugs will bite in the light.

2.      Bed bugs can be controlled using pesticides alone.

        Myth- Pesticides are helpful, but do not substitute for thorough inspections, cleaning, laundering, sealing and other efforts outlined in this site.

3.      It's necessary to throw out furniture and bedding at the first sign of bed bugs.

        Myth- Items infested by bed bugs only need to be thrown out if they cannot be treated and cleaned. After the items have been treated, adding encasements to your mattress would be helpful to prevent Bed Bugs from coming back.  You may find these on our Online Store.

4.      Bed Bugs are not know to spread disease

        Fact- Bed bugs have not been shown to transmit or cause disease.

5.      Most people react to bed bug bites with itchy welts.

        Fact- Itchy, irritating welts can be a sign of bed bugs, but some people have no reaction to bed bug bites at all.

6.      Bed bugs cannot be seen with the naked eye.

        Myth- Bed bugs, although small, can be seen. An adult bed bug is about the size of an apple seed and a young bed bug is about the size of a poppy seed.

7.      A good pest control professional can quote you a flat fee for treatment over the phone.

        Myth- A good pest control professional will inspect your property before giving you a price quote, and will provide an inspection report and action plan.

8.      Only dirty, cluttered homes get bed bugs.

        Myth- Even the cleanest, healthiest homes can get bed bugs. The sooner you respond to bed bugs, the more successful you'll be in getting rid of them.

9.  Do Bed Bugs just appear in your house?

Myth- Bed Bugs are introduced by guest staying in your home or place of business, children coming home from school, staying at hotels, buying used furniture, and living in a multi dwelling property.  There are many other ways Bed Bugs could be introduced to your home; these are the most common ways.

10.  Most people can kill bed bugs by cleaning the carpets.

Myth- Bed bug will be sucked up if come in contact with a vacuum; however this will not kill the bed bugs hiding in your baseboards, night stands, mattress, outlets etc.

11.  Dry Cleaning will kill Bed Bugs on my Clothes and Bedding.

Fact- Dry cleaning your clothes or bedding will kill bed bugs, however, it will not get rid of the infestation in your home or business.

12.  Dryer Sheets kill bed bugs.

Myth- No dryer sheets will not kill bed bugs; only professional pest control companies by using chemical treatments will kill bed bugs.

13.  Using an over the counter product will kill Bed Bugs.

Myth- Professional Pest Control companies by using chemical treatment are the best way to kill bed bug infestations.  Products will be able to kill bed bugs on contact however; it will not prevent continuing infestation.




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