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About Us

When looking for local and reliable pest control services, think to look for “The Big Arrow” throughout the Midwest!

More than 50 years of Dedicated Pest Control Service

Arrow Services, Inc. was founded in October of 1958 by Everett D. Colvin. Arrow Services is a family-owned company that started in a small local town in Plymouth, Indiana and has later grown into one of the largest pest control agencies in the Midwest. Today, Arrow is currently serving the level of operations in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois with conveniently-located offices in each district. Arrow Services strives to provide professionalism in all aspects of the pest control industry. All of our exterminators in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois are trained and equipped with the newest and most up-to-date equipment and control techniques available by keeping the environment in mind. Arrow has implemented a continuous employee learning program designed to educate the entire staff. Direct contact with universities, leading state agencies, chemical companies, pest control suppliers, plus seminars and conventions are combined with the single Arrow goal—to provide the best possible pest control management available at a fair price.

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