Commercial Rodent Control: Rat and Mouse Removal Services

Mice and rats can damage a business’ equipment, profit, and reputation. When a customer spots a rodent in an establishment, it might lead to bad press and tarnish the company’s name. These creatures can infest any business, including restaurants, hospitals, and even corporate offices. To help protect your establishment from any damage rats and mice can cause, turn to professionals for rat and mouse extermination.

Identifying the Presence of Rodents in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois

The first step in commercial rodent exclusion is to identify if there are rats and mice in your establishment. Rodents leave behind distinct cues signifying that they are in your establishment. They might leave behind a trail of damage during their stay. Here are the things you should look out for:

  • Dropping
    • New droppings are shiny and resemble putty in appearance.
    • Old feces are hard and crumbly
  • Gnaw Marks
    • Mice: holes are 1-2 mm in width and small and clear cut.
    • Rats: holes are 4 mm in width and big with rough torn edges
  • Urine Pillars
    • Accumulations of urine form “urine pillars.”
    • The chemicals in rodent urine have a very distinct odor; with large infestations, you can easily smell it.
  • Rub Marks
    • When dirt in the environment combines with oils in their skin, rub marks are left when rodents travel along walls.
    • If marks smear, you know they are fresh.
  • Rodent Burrows
    • Norway rats nest in burrows.
    • Burrows are normally 4-5 feet in the ground in areas where there is protective vegetation.


Rodents will look for shelter during the cold months of the year. Business establishments like restaurants and offices are perfect for mice and rats. Arrow services, Inc. has commercial pest control services to help you protect your business from different pests. See our “Checking in with Chuck” video for preparations on how to keep them out of your home or place of business.

Why You Should Get a Commercial Pest Exterminator

  • Eliminates rats from your place of business.
  • Prevents bad press that can hurt your business’ reputation.
  • Protects your clients and staff from mice and rats, as these pests can bring disease.
  • Rodents can cause property damage that can lead to accidents and injury.

Commercial rodent control will help your business prevent problems that can be caused by rats and mice. If you are having trouble dealing with these pests, reach out to Arrow Services Inc. today! Not only do our trained and certified pest control specialists help businesses, but we help homeowners as well with our residential rodent extermination services. We serve everyone in the areas of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

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