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The Arrow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is designed to provide continuous monitoring of your premises.

  • On our regularly schedule visits a commercial pest exterminator will identify specific areas in your building and within your offices where pests are likely to congregate.
  • We will target these areas visually and with sticky traps to pinpoint problem areas.
  • We will only use a control agent when we confirm physical evidence of pests or someone in the building reports the sighting of a pest.
  • Most pests can be controlled with odorless, vapor less baits that are place out of sight in areas that we know to be frequented by the target pests.
  • The baits can be safely applied during normal working hours without causing any discomfort to the occupants.
  • Our technician will point out areas that need your attention.
  • A copy of a written report of conditions conducive to pest infestations.

Benefits and Features

  • It is environmentally sound. The amount of pesticide used is minimal compare to a conventional spray program. The pesticide that is used is bait that is odorless and vapor less.
  • Baits last longer than conventional sprays and are nonrepellent. The only way they are toxic is by ingestion.
  • No indoor air pollution. This program will in no way contribute to “sick building syndrome.”
  • No other health worries. This program will not affect those that are pregnant, have allergies, or any condition that can be aggravated by inhalation of chemical vapors.
  • Safe around high tech equipment. The solid bait cannot damage computers, fax machines, lab equipment, telephones, microwaves, or any other sophisticated equipment.
  • The quality of the work environment is enhanced. Eliminating pests without contaminating the workplace with pesticides provides a happier, healthier workplace.
  • Reduced liability. Liability is reduced to a minimum. Safety is maximized. Everyone benefits with the Arrow program.
  • We offer comprehensive commercial pest control services, including rodent, cockroach and fly control programs.

Areas Typically IPM Focuses on:

  • Restrooms
  • Mop Closets
  • Trash Areas
  • Break or Coffee Areas
  • Basements
  • Any area where there is ample shelter, moisture and possible food source.
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