Mole Pest Control Services in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois

Identifying the Signs of Mole Infestation

No matter how big or small your home may be, a mole infestation is the last thing you want to happen. Let our mole pest control team at Arrow Services, Inc. prevent it from occurring. We provide mole control services in Indiana and surrounding states.

If moles are already wreaking havoc on your lawn and garden, just let us know, and our mole exterminator will locate and remove the creatures from your property, putting an end to their destructive habits.

How to Tell When You Need Mole Pest Removal

  • Dirt mounds:
    • Piles or puffs of dirt shaped like a volcano. Moles often enter and exit the ground through these mounds. They push dirt to the surface when they dig. Fresh molehills are characterized by damp soil, often with new blades of grass poking through.
  • Surface tunnels:
    • Grass or dirt that looks like the veins on the back of your hand. When moles dig near the surface, it can create a network of surface tunnels that go across your yard.
  • Discolored patches of grass:
    • If patches of discolored grass seem to form a pattern or path on the ground, you may need lawn mole control. This can be another sign that these critters are digging through your property.
  • Dying plants:
    • Numerous plants dying in your garden and dirt mounds can indicate that you may need to exterminate moles. When these animals dig through the ground, they can sometimes damage the roots of the plants in the area. Once damaged, the roots will be unable to get nutrients from the soil. So, the plants will slowly starve and die.
  • Stones:
    • If you have noticed a sudden abundance of stones in your yard, burrowing moles might be the culprits. When they dig through the ground, they can bring up buried stones as they clear their way.


Arrow Services, Inc. uses Talpirid for residential mole pest control in Indiana and other service locations. Talpirid’s size, shape, and feel let moles consume the bait in the same manner as its primary food source, which is the earthworm.

Call us today for a free in-home inspection and quote for clients in and around Indiana. We will then schedule a visit from our trained and certified pest control specialists.

If you are a business owner, commercial mole extermination is also available upon request.

Benefits and Features

  • Talpirid mimics the moles natural food sources
  • Has the same size, shape and feel as earthworms
  • Special enhancers ensure immediate attractions and excellent product acceptance
  • Convenient, works quickly, and can kill in 24 hours
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