Mosquito Control

Arrow Services has been providing Industries and Home Owners Associations a solution to the mosquito problem for over 50 years


  • Bites:
    • Mosquitos-Itching, Redness, Swelling on any part of the body
    • Ticks-Reaction to the neurotoxin injected into your body can cause redness and itching.
    • Fleas-Small red bump that itches for days. Beware of animals scratching constantly.


Arrow Services uses environmentally safe and up to date equipment to solve your mosquito problem on the ground. Arrow Services offer an Ultra-Low Volume Mosquito Fogging, to kill and control adult mosquitoes and small flying insects. Arrow Services has found that ultra-low volume application by ground equipment is the most efficient and effective method to use.

Benefits and Features

  • Kills Adult Mosquitos, Ticks, and Fleas
  • Protects your Children and Pets form mosquito borne disease
  • Protects your Children and Pets from tick borne disease
  • Environmentally Safe using only EPA registered materials
  • Economy by eliminating oils, sludge inhibitor, extenders, synergists, and mixing costs
  • Low Hazards-Eliminates traffic hazards associated with dense thermal fogs. Masterline
  • Kontrol offers minimal irritation to operators and to the public
  • Minimum Environmental Impact resulting from low toxicity, non-persistence, and low
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