Mosquito Control

Arrow Services, Inc. is a trusted mosquito exterminator in Indiana as well as in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. For over 50 years, we’ve been providing Industries and Home Owners Associations a solution to the mosquito problem.

Identifying Pest Bites

  • Mosquitos: itching, redness, swelling on any part of the body
  • Ticks: reaction to the neurotoxin injected into your body can cause redness and itching.
  • Fleas: small red bumps that itch for days. Beware of animals scratching constantly.


Arrow Services, Inc.’s mosquito exterminator uses environmentally safe and up-to-date equipment to solve your problem on the ground. Arrow Services offer an Ultra-Low Volume Mosquito Fogging to kill and control adult pests and small flying insects. Arrow Services has found that ultra-low volume application by ground equipment is the most efficient and effective method to use.

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Benefits and Features

  • Kills Adult Mosquitos, Ticks, and Fleas
  • Protects your Children and Pets form mosquito borne disease
  • Protects your Children and Pets from tick borne disease
  • Environmentally Safe using only EPA registered materials
  • Economy by eliminating oils, sludge inhibitor, extenders, synergists, and mixing costs
  • Low Hazards-Eliminates traffic hazards associated with dense thermal fogs. Masterline
  • Kontrol offers minimal irritation to operators and to the public
  • Minimum Environmental Impact resulting from low toxicity, non-persistence, and low
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