Bed Bug Protection While Traveling

Are you planning on boarding a plane, staying a night in a hotel, or traveling across country on a train? If so, you may want to take precautions before setting sail on your adventure.

Did you know that you could be infested by bed bugs or fleas when traveling?

How do Bed Bugs Travel?

They are the ultimate travelers and will hop from one expedition to another by attaching themselves to your clothes, luggage, purse, or even your skin. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even notice their presence until you see some bites on your skin you sure weren’t there before. Arrow is here to help you be cautious of these nasty pests when traveling. The last thing you want to do is bring bed bugs or fleas home with you!

In order to fully enjoy your trip, here are some tips you can follow to shield yourself from these tiny, sneaky pests and to prevent bed bug bites while traveling:

  • Bring a bright flashlight.
  • Ask for a seat cover on trains and planes.
  • Check your seat and overhead compartment before placing your belongings on the floor or in the bin.
  • Don’t bring your luggage into the room until you have inspected your bed, night stand, and furniture for any signs of bed bug presence.
  • Put your bags in the bath tub or on top of the TV stand in your hotel room.
  • Ask for a room inspection if you are unsure how to check for bed bugs or fleas.

For more information on bed bugs, visit our bed bug page. If you want more travel tips to prevent bed bug bites, watch Arrow Special on Fox 28 News on Bed Bugs. You can also get in touch with our team in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois to learn more.

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