Arrow’s Green Statement

Arrow Services Inc. will provide professional cost effective services so our clients can afford to retain professional pest management to reduce the occurrences of pest infestations and improve lives while considering the environment first.

Our exterminators in Ohio and in other areas always consider the environment, ecological impact and safest plan of action to correct pest issues by minimizing pesticide use combined with exclusion, monitoring, and mechanical control techniques.

Integrated Pest Management practices allow, when necessary, the application of pest control products in effective and limited doses. We eliminate pests while helping to reduce waste and pollution, therefore protecting the environment.

The practice of integrated Pest Management requires a thorough knowledge of pests, their lifecycle and breeding habits. This approach reduces the need for pesticides and reflects our commitment to maintaining a responsible and environmentally thoughtful way of keeping pests under control.

In some cases pest infestations are at such a level that it becomes necessary to apply pesticides. In these cases, Arrow Services provides careful and precise application techniques designed to reduce exposure to anything except the targeted pests. Arrow also uses the right chemical for the right application making sure that any chemical use is effective and targeted.

Don E. Green II
Vice President

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