Bird Pest Control for Businesses

While birds on or near a property might seem harmless, they pose a risk and become pests once a large group is perched on your commercial establishment. This is due to the noise and droppings they can generate, which can be a health hazard to the staff and your customers. They can also cause property damage from their droppings, nests, and so on.

Keep your place of business a safe and healthy space by ensuring it’s pest-free. For reliable bird pest control, turn to Arrow Services, Inc. We provide various solutions, such as bird removal services and pigeon control.

Identifying the Signs of Bird Infestation

  • Droppings on signs, sidewalks, and automobiles
  • Nesting and roosting on the building


Bird Barrier products are used in Arrow Services, Inc.’s bird pest control in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. These are high-quality and long-lasting bird deterrents designed specifically for removing such pests in commercial and industrial business establishments.

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Problems Caused by Pest Birds

  • Carry diseases
  • Damage paint and equipment
  • Cause slip-and-fall accidents
  • Create a negative image
  • Clog drains and channels
  • Attracts other pests (bugs, rats)

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