What Causes an Ant Infestation at Home?

What Causes an Ant Infestation

Infestations are annoying. There is no denying it, especially if you notice ants in and around your home. You may see them marching in tight spaces or entering through the cracks of your walls. The worst part is that cleaning up or using pest control products won’t always keep the ants away; in most cases, ant extermination will do the trick. But before having one carried out, you must determine what causes an ant infestation in your house. They may include the following:

1) Weather

Ants head out to look for shelter whenever the weather is extremely hot or cold. The cracks and crevices of your home are a great place for them to live in. From here, the ants can go about their business during summer or winter.

2) Food

Like all insects, ants need food to survive. Once they have settled in your home, they will scour it for anything sweet, starchy, or sugary. Hungry ants usually make their way to food containers that are not properly sealed or that are not strong enough to be chewed.

3) Water

For ants, water is just as essential as food. Containers with standing water, as well as leaky pipes and faucets, can attract thirsty ants and rely on them as they take up residence in your home.

4) Wood

A house with wooden structures doesn’t just attract termites; it can also attract carpenter ants. Your home may have some form of carpentry, especially if rotten wood is present. Carpenter ants, in particular, will feed on it.

5) Location

If your home is infested with ants, the chances are your neighbor may be dealing with the same issue. Ants migrate from place to place, wherever there is food or water. The same idea applies to people living in an apartment building.

Hire an Ant Exterminator

The easiest and fastest way to deal with an ant infestation at home is to contact an ant exterminator at Arrow Services, Inc. They will determine what type of ants you are dealing with and how you can get rid of them as soon as possible.

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