Defending Your Property From Vermin With Commercial Pest Control Services

commercial pest control services

If someone owns a property then it does not matter if it is residential or commercial. Property owners have to be aware of commercial pest control services because they will eventually need pest control services due to an infestation of some type.

A proactive approach to pest management is a powerful tool for the lifespan and satisfaction levels of a property. For example, termites alone account for over $5 billion dollars of property damage annually in the United States. Getting ahead of the single front can be monumentally saving on budgeted resources.

What Is The Benefit Of Commercial Pest Control Services?

A person that spends their working hours each day pursuing a goal becomes an expert over time. Commercial pest control services are the experts at everything from rat control to bed bug infestations because of that repeated pursuit.

Being an active partner in the defense of a property’s security is what a good exterminator should strive for. As an industry, pest control is rising. From 2013 till 2018 it grew nationwide around 2.8 percent. There are currently over 27,000 different commercial exterminator companies.

Owners in the cities need to be aware of the dangers a professional pest control plan can protect them from. Cockroaches, for example, spread over 33 kinds of bacteria, six types of parasitic worms, and seven kinds of human pathogens. Around 60 percent of asthmatic city dwellers are allergic to cockroaches as well!

What Is The Plan?

Commercial pest control services start proactively by being on schedule. This allows them to regularly visit the property to identify potential problem areas which is an added benefit since they are able to see areas in all stages of time throughout the year.

Science behind the various tools used to control pest is highly customized and monitored. Many pests can be controlled with odorless vaporless baits that remain out of sight. A commercial technician will usually be able to apply their treatments during normal working hours without causing discomfort to the occupants.

Baits last longer than many conventional sprays and their only toxicity is through ingestion. This makes baits environmentally sound as well.

Block The Bug

Perhaps the best example of why commercial pest control services are useful to property owners is in relation to bed bugs. Bed bugs are an incredibly tenacious little pest that can cause a great deal of headaches in their difficulty to remove and maintain.

Bed bug infestations are notorious throughout the hospitality industry; however, multifamily dwellings are also on the rise for experiencing this nuisance. Adult bed bugs are about ¼ inch long, oval, reddish-brown, and wingless. Their bodies are very flat with slender legs and antennae.

Bed bugs develop from egg to adult via gradual metamorphosis. There are five larval stages with each requiring blood before molting to the next stage. Their larvae can survive for several months without a meal. Adult bugs can survive even longer but will not develop eggs without blood.

Typically they are active at night and hide during the daytime with their flat bodies they can live a multitude of places. Beneath lose flooring, behind wallpaper, inside box springs, in mattresses, or behind the headboard are all just a few examples of hiding spots.

It is all too common to believe the issue is finished after a single treatment. That is not a proactive approach though. That forces the cycle of reaction to renew. Remember, it will not be a simple fix once an infestation is noticed, but it is a simple habit to maintain a healthy proactive pest control barrier.

Schedule Your Pest Control Plan!

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