Bed Bug Pest Control: Top Three Tips

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Bed bugs are notorious for causing many sleepless nights among their victims. They silently creep towards humans—their prey—while they’re peacefully asleep, the latter totally oblivious of these nocturnal creatures feeding on their blood. With their tiny size, it can be difficult for homeowners to notice them. But what’s hard to miss are those reddish, itchy bites that can be attributed to these pests’ infestation.

Aside from waking up with red itchy bumps that you remember weren’t there before, bed bug presence can be evident in your sheets, surfaces of walls, and furniture. You might notice small blood stains or dark spots that look and smell like excrements on them. If you do, then you may really be sharing your home with such pests. What do you do next? Here’s how you can get rid of them.

Clean Infested Areas

Bed bugs cling tightly to surfaces, which makes them difficult to remove. Vacuum your space extensively—from walls to floors, bed frames, and furniture—anywhere that can serve as their breeding ground. For linens and pieces of clothing, wash them in hot water, or you might as well get a new one. Remember to properly dispose of every cleaning material you use so the pests won’t get transferred to other areas.

Remove Clutter and Junk

A disorganized and crowded space provides bed bugs and any other pest, a breeding ground to live in. Having a lot of clutter makes it difficult to locate them. If you have piles of unnecessary objects near your bed, it’s best to throw them away or move them somewhere else.

Hire Professional Exterminators

While cleaning up the infested areas is beneficial, it doesn’t actually guarantee that there will be zero presence of bed bugs in your home. Getting rid of them completely requires certain chemical treatments and procedures that are not only proven effective but also safe. Only a professional in pest management knows all of those. Call the experts for bed bug treatment and let them do the job of eradicating all the parasites.

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