Explaining the Stages of a Bed Bug’s Life Cycle

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One of the most startling moments you can experience is waking up to find bites on your skin. This will make you wonder if bed bugs have already invaded your room. Spotting visible signs such as eggs and nymphs can confirm your suspicion.

You might even find yourself asking, “How long have these tiny wingless bloodsuckers been lurking in my space?” In this article, you’ll find out more about the life cycle of a bed bug and how long it can live.



This is the stage where the life of a bed bug begins. A female bed bug can lay up to 12 eggs each day. It can also lay eggs in groups of 50. In her lifetime, it will have laid at least 500 eggs before it dies. The hatching can take from one to two weeks. Afterward, newly hatched bed bugs will begin to feed.

The size of a bed bug’s egg is grain-like, which is roughly 1 millimeter, and its color is milky-white. Eggs can be found in clusters in between tight cracks and crevices. However, they can be a little difficult to see given their size.



Young bed bugs are known as nymphs. These nymphs go through five growth stages before they can reach maturity. This process is called molting or shedding of an exoskeleton. The first phase is when an egg hatches, and the baby bed bug grows up to 1.5 mm in length. Each molting stage will require a nymph to feed on blood. Within five weeks, a nymph will become an adult and grow to 4.5 mm in size at room temperature.

You can distinguish a young nymph from an old one by looking at its color. Young bed bugs are yellow-white, while the older ones are reddish-brown. Although they may appear similar to adults, nymphs are not yet able to breed.



Once the molting stages are complete, a bed bug is now considered an adult. In this stage, they can start breeding. A bed bug’s life span ranges from four to six months. If the conditions are ideal, a bed bug can live for a year or longer, even without feeding.


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