How To Get Rid of Ants in 5 Natural Ways

How To Get Rid of Ants

Anything in excess can be problematic. The same idea applies to ants, especially if an infestation of these insects is imminent. Things can go from bad to worse if an ants’ colony enters your living space, more specifically, the interiors. It is the last thing you would want to happen, and being proactive about the infestation is the least you can do.

This begs the question: how to get rid of ants in your home or apartment? Here are several methods you could try to stop and prevent an ant infestation from happening.

1) Detergent

As ants walk around, they leave a scented pheromone trail that serves as a map. Liquid detergent gets rid of the scent and discourages them from going inside your home or apartment. Spraying a mixture of liquid detergent and glass cleaning solution on entry points will do the trick. If the latter is unavailable, any kind of soapy water can suffice.

2) Chalk

The main ingredient of chalk is calcium carbonate, which is known to fend off ants. Drawing a line of chalk or spraying powdered chalk at the entry points of ants will keep them away. In turn, ants will be discouraged from entering your home or apartment. Also, make sure that the line is out of reach of any child or pet for safety purposes.

3) Salt

Don’t let this household workhorse fool you. If used correctly, salt can kill ants naturally and effectively without harming anyone else. Simply mix a cup of Epsom salt and water into a spray bottle, and spray it directly on the ants. Salt is known to kill ants via dehydration. Apart from that, salt is safe for your children, pets, and other animals.

4) Pepper

Ants hate pepper, especially if it’s the cayenne or black kind. Pepper won’t kill them, but it will surely drive them away from your home or apartment. Find the source of the infestation and sprinkle some pepper in or around the area. Alternatively, spray a mixture of pepper and water on the ants. Doing so will keep them at bay.

5) White Vinegar

White vinegar isn’t just a natural cleaning agent that you can buy at your nearest supermarket; it also kills and potently repels ants. Ants aren’t fond of its scent, too. Mix vinegar with water, and let your bottle sprayer or paper towel do the rest.

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