Identifying Clover Mites Vs. Bed Bugs

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Knowing what type of pest is invading or starting to invade your property is the key to employing proper management and elimination strategies. As far as household pests go, bed bugs and clover mites are common, which is why learning how to spot them is important.

Although clover mites and bed bugs have distinct appearances, the red stain that clover mites leave after they are crushed looks similar to the blood spots that bed bugs leave behind.

Do note, however, that in cases of severe infestation, it is best to hire a pest control company offering an insect identification service to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue and avoid bigger problems for your household. Here’s a quick guide to help you learn more about and recognize these pests better.

  • What Are Clover Mites and How Do You Spot Them?
    1. They are a species of mite that are microscopic and feed on plants.
    2. To the human eye, they appear as a dark red speck.
    3. They are most commonly reddish in color but may also appear reddish-brown, olive, pale orange, or even greenish-brown immediately after feeding.
    4. Their size is smaller than the head of a pin (adult clover mites rarely exceed 0.25 mm in length).
    5. They have four pairs of legs, with distinctly long front legs.
    6. If there’s a clover mite infestation, you may notice tiny, moving spots on walls and drapes as well as red stains on surfaces, carpets, papers, and draperies.
  • What Are Bed Bugs and How Do You Spot Them?
    1. They are wingless insects that feed on human and animal blood.
    2. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and are roughly 5-7 mm long.
    3. They have flat and oval-shaped bodies.
    4. Their color is brown, if not fed recently, and reddish-brown if fed recently.
    5. Signs of a bed bug infestation include rusty or reddish spots or stains on your sheets or mattress, a musty odor around your bed, tiny pale-yellow eggs or eggshells, and small, itchy bites on the skin.
    6. Live bed bugs are visible to the naked eye.
  • Pest Identification Is Essential for Effective Management
    Proper identification is the first step to knowing the best way to deal with the first signs of infestation in your home or place of business. While pest control professionals can do this easily, this overview on identifying clover mites vs. bed bugs is meant to give homeowners and laypeople basic knowledge. This way, you’ll know what initial steps to take if there are pests in your space.

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