Mouse Control Services: How Can Mice in Indiana and Other Areas Make You Sick?

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While a pet mouse may be adorable and cute, they are different from the creatures that manage to get inside your home and wreak havoc. The reality is that mice are destructive and full of disease. The damage that they can do to your home could end up costing you a lot of money. You need to hire a mouse exterminator to get rid of them.

There is nothing common about the common house mouse. They are the unwanted roommates that sneak into your home with the ability to spread diseases such as salmonellosis, hantavirus, and listeria through saliva, droppings, nesting materials, and urine. Those diseases can be deadly. Don’t risk the health of your loved ones. The moment you see one mouse, you need to call a mouse exterminator. When you see one, it can quickly turn into many.

Mice Multiply Very Quickly

Did you know that mice breed year-round? Just a single female can produce up to 5 to 10 litters every year. That’s 6 to 8 baby mice per litter. So, a family of up to 6 mice has the ability to multiply to 60 within three months. When you see a mouse, you need mice control fast. The quicker you can hire a mouse exterminator, the faster the spread of disease can be reduced, and the less damage your home will endure.

Mice Will Literally Eat Anything

They may be tiny, but mice are the greatest garbage disposals ever. Rodents have the ability to chew through anything, and they will eat anything, including your pet’s food. Mice contaminate or consume nearly 20% of the global food supply. What they eat from inside your home contributes to that growing percentage. They are constantly eating at least 15 to 20 times every day. Typically, they make nests near food sources. So, check around your pantry and kitchen for nests and call a mouse exterminator to get rid of them.

The problem is that mice also contaminate nearly ten times more food than they consume. If a mouse has touched a food source, do not eat it under any circumstances. This could cause you to contract the diseases they carry. The only sure way to know that your home is safe is to have it inspected by a pest exterminator.

Pest Control Services Lessen Damage

Other than just chewing holes in your home, rodents cause structural damage. There are very few types of structures that are safe from them. If a mouse can gnaw through it, it will find a way inside. Damage is caused by the chewing, defecation, and nest-building that mice do. They chew many things to gather for their nesting needs, including paper, books, cloth, and wood, to name a few. When you are serious about protecting your home, only top pest management will do.

Rodent Extermination Services to the Rescue!

Do not hesitate to call a mouse exterminator. No part of a home is safe from mice. They will even chew through insulation and tunnel through it to make a home or just gather it for nests. Even your wiring isn’t safe. These pests will chew insulation that is around wires which is a real fire hazard. Dealing with mice before they can cause any issues is serious business. Mice have no respect for you, your home, or your belongings. Heirlooms and collectibles that are stored for safety in your attic are prime targets. Appliances aren’t safe either. If an item is chewable, it is fair game.

Is Your Home a Mouse Hotel?

The more mice move around your home, the more they leave fecal droppings and urine trails. Essentially, your home is now contaminated with disease-causing refuse, as well as a scent trail that attracts even more mice. Without knowing it, your home has just become a condemned hotel for these fuzzy little nuisances. Thankfully it can be saved by an expert mouse exterminator. Pest control services can help restore your home back to normal.

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