Moles vs. Voles: Know the Differences and Removal Methods


Think of two words that sound alike but differ on many levels. Moles and voles usually come to mind. Although both of them are considered lawn pests, there are several key traits and aspects that set them apart from each other.

By differentiating the two, you can identify which is which and hire a mole pest control expert to remove them promptly and properly. That way, you attain peace of mind knowing that these pests are not ruining your lawn.

Exhibit A: Moles

Moles have pointed snouts and large paws. They are nearly blind and prefer to live like hermits underground in search of food. These creatures love all kinds of meat, such as grubs, earthworms, and insects. Moles leave marks on the ground through soil mounds, which are shaped like volcanoes, and runways that look like long and shallow tunnels without a visible entry point. The latter is usually soft and spongy upon stepping.

Exhibit B: Voles

Voles have black or reddish-brown fur. They have short, stocky bodies as well as short tails and legs. Unlike moles, these little rodents are vegetarian; they feast on seeds, bulbs, roots, plant foliage, and tree bark, just to name a few. Voles tunnel on the surface of the soil and create small runways that measure about 2 inches. Additionally, voles head out when they are short on food and water.

How To Get Rid of Them?

When it comes to removing moles, it can be a bit tricky. As mentioned earlier, moles live deep beneath the soil, so catching them is easier said than done. However, watering your lawn less is a good start. Moles love soft soil, so making it dry can be detrimental to them and their food source which is mostly found underground.

As for voles, mowing your lawn regularly is a great way to drive them off. By doing so, they will likely move to another yard with more vegetation. You may also lessen the number of plants on the ground so that voles have less of a food source. Remove thatch, mulch, weeds, and litter from your yard when necessary.

Lawn Care Done Right

At Arrow Services, Inc., we believe that the best way to get rid of moles is to hire people who do it for a living. Our mole pest control experts see to it that moles, voles, and other lawn pests are removed from your property. Contact us today to learn more about the moles vs. voles conundrum.

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