Signs of Spider Infestation To Watch Out For

Alive Arachnid | Signs of Spider Infestation

Spiders are known for their scary appearance, and the idea of them inhabiting your home is enough to give anyone the creeps. While these critters can help control other insects in houses, like flies and mosquitoes, having a spider infestation is something most homeowners avoid.

Is Spider Pest Control Necessary?

Most spider species in the USA are harmless, except for the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. The thing is, a spider infestation can bring serious concerns and inconveniences.

Some species of these creepy crawlers can bite your family and leave painful welt-sized skin abrasions. They also weave unsightly webs around the house, causing you extra cleaning. You should definitely call home pest control if spiders in your house trigger anxiety in you or a household member.

Indications That You Have a Spider Infestation

Identifying if you have a spider problem is pretty straightforward. Here are some simple signs of a spider infestation to help you determine when to call pest control services:

  1. Dead or Alive Spiders

The most apparent sign of a spider infestation is spotting these creepy critters—alive or dead. Spiders love to stay hidden, but if you see them scurrying across your floors, walls, or ceiling, it’s a clear sign that they have made your home their own. Also, coming across dead spiders suggests they have a high population and have been in your home for a while.

  1. Spider Webs

A common sign of a spider problem is the presence of spider webs in your abode. You may find webs in ceiling beams, corners, and hard-to-reach areas—like behind furniture and inside open containers.

Avoid confusing cobwebs with spider webs. Cobwebs are typically empty and made from tangled fibers. Meanwhile, spider webs typically contain egg sacs or stored prey. While cobwebs are harmless, spider webs show a spider infestation.

  1. Egg Sacs

Spiders are invasive creatures who quickly reproduce by laying egg sacs. These egg sacs contain hundreds of baby spiders ready to hatch and create their nests. One unaddressed sac can lead to a full-blown spider population in your home.

You can find spider egg sacs in webs or crawl spaces, appearing as small white balls. If you spot them, it’s a sign of a growing infestation, and calling pest control services can prevent the further spread of spiders in your home.

Eliminate Spiders With Expert Help

Having spiders in your house can be an unpleasant experience. Call us at Arrow Services, Inc. if you want to get rid of spiders at home. We are the trusted pest control experts in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. Our trained and certified pest control specialists will ensure these hair-raising creatures are effectively eradicated from your house. Contact us today!

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