The Most Common Winter Pests That May Invade Your Home

Like how humans have different ways to keep themselves warm during winter, pests have various strategies to cope with the cold season. Unfortunately, those methods typically include taking refuge in residences, which cause a great deal of inconvenience to homeowners.

Preparing for the cold months and learning about the behaviors of winter pests can help keep your home safe from potential infestation. Here are some critters you should look out for during this season:


Unlike many animals, mice don’t hibernate during the cold season. Instead, they spend the winter seeking shelter, warmth, and food—all of which can be found in homes. This makes properties more susceptible to mouse infestations in the wintertime than in warmer months.

Staying in people’s homes keeps mice safe from harsh environments or predators outdoors, which allows them to live longer. In fact, their average life span of about 12 months can be extended to 2 to 3 years when living indoors. They also become more capable of winter reproduction in a building than outside, where the cold temperature is too harsh for successful breeding.


As cold-blooded creatures, cockroaches can’t survive in an environment with extreme temperatures. Often, being exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to kill them. That’s why, to survive the winter months, some cockroaches enter a state of dormancy called diapause, while others move indoors where they can remain active.

Two of the most common types of cockroaches that infiltrate homes during winter are the American and German. German roaches are notorious for causing severe infestations as they are able to keep reproducing indoors. Meanwhile, American cockroaches, although primarily outdoor creatures, may enter buildings to seek refuge from the extreme weather.

Overwintering Insects

During winter, you may notice a decrease in insects flying in your home. However, it’s possible that some of them are just simply in their hiding spots, waiting for springtime to come so they can resume their activities. These insects are called overwintering pests. They take shelter in properties where they will enter a dormant or inactive state throughout the season.

Some insects that could be overwintering in your home include bugs, moths, crickets, and flies. They typically search for secluded areas where they can dwell without being harmed or disturbed, such as basements, attics, or wall voids. It’s only when the weather gets warm that you may see them again roaming around in your home.

Stay Warm and Pest-Free This Winter

To ensure your property is safe from cockroaches, overwintering insects, and rodents in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, Arrow Services, Inc. offers continuous monitoring of your premises through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). With this, you can rest assured your home is pest proof not only for the cold season but also for the warmer months. Contact us today.

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