Termite Prevention: Types of Wood That Termites Do Not Eat

Termite Prevention - Types of Wood That Termites Do Not Eat

To protect your investment, termite prevention should be a part of your property’s upkeep since these pests can significantly damage your home or commercial space. Apart from routine pest control and termite control services, it is important to know which wood materials have termite-resistant characteristics for your future property improvement or renovation projects.

Pressure-Treated Wood
This type of timber contains special preservatives embedded in the wood pores, which make it resistant to rot and fungi and also create a termite-resistant chemical barrier.

Heartwood-Grade Lumber
The inner portion of a tree is called heartwood, and it is darker, denser, and more resistant to decay than standard wood. These qualities make it immune to termites since they have a hard time chewing through its thick material.

Composite Lumber
To deter termites, artificially produced composite lumber contains materials that these pests cannot digest, such as plastic. This manufactured wood is also designed to resist decay.

Termites can’t stand the powerful and long-lasting smell of teak. This type of wood also has a high concentration of organic oils, making it resistant not just to termites but also to other pests.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar
This type of wood is unappetizing to termites because it contains high levels of tannins, a natural chemical. There is a low likelihood that they will chew through this wood, as the natural chemicals have been known to be toxic to these pests.

This is a naturally termite-resistant wood mainly because of its tough material. Termites do not want to eat redwood since they can’t digest it, so they go after softer woods.

Peruvian Walnut
Known for its dark brown or purple color, this type of wood contains tannin and other chemicals that termites find bitter. Therefore, they won’t go anywhere near this kind of wood since it tastes bad for them.

Prevent Termites From Invading Your Property
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