What Attracts Termites to Your House?

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Termites are among the most destructive pests that can invade your home. These silent destroyers eat through wood and other materials in your house while undetected, causing extensive and costly structural damage.

So, what attracts termites to your house? Anything providing these pests food, water, and shelter can entice them to live in your home. Let’s explore a few things that can lead these white ants to your property.

  1. Wood Piles
    Termites feed on cellulose, an organic compound found in wood, paper, cotton fibers, and other plant-based materials. Wood piles near your home’s foundation can serve as food sources for these pests, attracting them to your property. So, store firewood and lumber at least 20 feet from your house to prevent a termite infestation.
  1. Mulch
    Mulch helps suppress weeds and retain moisture in the soil, keeping your plants healthy. However, some mulch components—like wood chips and bark—make these garden materials attractive living places with abundant meals for termites. So, keep the mulch at least 15 inches from your home’s foundation, and minimize using wood for your ground cover.
  1. Dead Trees
    Dead or decaying trees, stumps, and other wood debris in your yard can also give termites food to munch on. If these items are too close to your home, these insects can migrate into your house and cause a termite infestation. So, make sure to always clear wood debris from your yard.
  1. Moisture
    Termites need water to survive, making damp places ideal habitats for them. These include areas in your home with leaking pipes, poor ventilation, and high humidity. To prevent a termite problem, promptly fix any leaks and control moisture in your home using a dehumidifier.
  1. Cracks or Gaps
    Termites need shelter from the elements. Moist, dark areas with access to food, like under your home’s foundation or in the crawlspace, are among the best places to build their nests. If your house has cracks or gaps in these areas, these destructive pests could use them as entry points to start invading your property.

To avoid infestations, eliminate what attracts termites to your home and schedule regular inspections with a pest control expert. Termites are difficult to detect, but a professional can identify signs of their presence before they cause significant damage.

Reach Out to Professional Termite Exterminators

If you suspect a termite problem, seek professional help. These pests are challenging to get rid of. An expert can provide effective termite infestation treatment to eliminate these insects.

Contact us at Arrow Services, Inc. if you’re searching for a termite control expert in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. Our trained and certified pest control specialists will ensure your home is termite-free and protected from these nasty destroyers. Call us today!

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