3 Signs Your Business Has a Pest Problem

commercial pest management

Ideally, your business should run like a well-oiled machine. But if you have unwelcome guests taking refuge in your restaurant, store, or office, your daily operations will be interrupted significantly. Not only can a pest invasion be a pain, but it can also present a health and safety hazard for both your employees and your potential clients or customers.

But aside from actually seeing a physical cockroach or mouse, how can you possibly know you’ve got unwanted critters around? If you notice any of the following, you’ll want to invest in commercial pest management immediately. The U.S. pest control industry has more than 27,000 different businesses currently in operation, but you should be sure to contact a reputable one if you observe any of these three signs.

  1. Droppings: It’s certainly not pleasant to think about, but excrement is definitely one of the more obvious signs you need to call a commercial exterminator. Pests will leave droppings wherever they go, so keep a sharp eye. Rodents leave small pellets that are black or brown in color, while the droppings of cockroaches can be easily mistaken for coffee grounds or black pepper flakes. Take note of the appearance for your pest control services and sure that any and all contaminated areas are cleaned properly and completely upon discovery to ensure there is no bacterial risk.
  2. Damage: Insects and rodents can make holes in packaging, walls, or wires and shred materials like newspaper, fabric, wood, and cardboard. That means they may chew through insulation, pipes, plastic, and even building features. In addition to this extensive damage, they may also create nests, dirt piles, or grease marks. It’s essential to clean all areas thoroughly on a regular basis so that you don’t miss the signs of a possible infestation. Again, take note of any evidence you see before contacting your local commercial extermination services. This can allow them to more easily determine the source of the problem.
  3. Sounds and Smells: Many pests may be small, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make their presence known. Because animals like mice and cockroaches are most active at night, you should make it a point to listen carefully in the evenings for any sounds of walking or scratching. If the pests are in the walls or the ceiling, this is a good way to find out. Odd odors can also provide important clues. If you detect strange smells that are musty or you get a whiff of something that smells like ammonia, you’ll want to opt for commercial pest management. Some smells can be even worse, particularly if an animal has died within the walls or the ceiling of your business. If you sense a scent that seems out of place, swift action may be necessary.

As a business owner, you’ll probably be first to know when something seems off. If you suspect you’re dealing with mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, or other kinds of nasty creatures, you’ll need to prioritize commercial pest management. Otherwise, you could risk the reputation of your business and the safety of everyone who frequents it. For more information on how we can help, contact us today.

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