Termite, Pest, and Ant Control for Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois Properties

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Everything seems fine with your property, until one day you find symptoms of a pest problem. You need a commercial exterminator, and they are here to help. Here are a few situations they can assist you with if you need termite, pest, and ant control.

1. Mouse Control

Mice go for food. It is a fact that up to 20% of the world’s entire food supply, according to the National Pest Management Association, is either contaminated or consumed by rodents such as rats and mice. This same association also estimates that rodents and bugs would destroy 50% of the food supply without rodent control and the pest control industry. Some methods that an exterminator will use for mice control are traps with bait, eliminating entry points, and maintaining proper sanitation techniques.

2. Rat Control

Rodents such as rats multiply with incredible speed. In just three years, two rats in just the right circumstances could multiply to over 480 million rats. Your commercial exterminator may use a pesticide. And usually, the exterminator will give you a list of steps you need to take in preparation for when your property is treated.

3. Termite Control

For over 250 million years, termites have been the largest group of insects on Earth. They have inhabited the planet for all this time. It is expensive to get rid of termites, but it is worth it because they can destroy your property. Termites cause an incredible amount of damage. Every year, for instance, over $5 billion in property damage is done by termites. Your exterminator will find the termite nest, remove the queen, and then spray your property to prevent the termites from returning.

4. Ant Control

Some ants live outside your home. you can protect your home by sealing cracks in the foundation and making sure that there are no areas where the ants can enter your house. There are other types of ants that burrow into the home. To get rid of these, the exterminator will probably use ant baits.

So if the problem of termite, pest, and ant control ever occurs on your property, remember to look at professional extermination services. Make sure the service is courteous, efficient, and above all, ask about their guarantee policy. You deserve effective and thorough pest management, so select a business that gives you the results you are looking for–and that you are paying for.

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