Busting the Most Common Pest Control Myths

Cheese on Mousetrap | Pest Control Myths

Like many other subjects, pest control is no exception to myths that have been passed down to people over the decades. Some of them have become common knowledge that experts and providers of pest management services in Indiana and other states have been continuously debunking them up to this day. Here are three of the usual misconceptions people have about pest control:

Cheese Makes the Best Trap for Rats

If there’s one thing that folklore and pop culture have taught people about rats and mice, it’s them being huge lovers of cheese. Leave a huge chunk of cheese somewhere, and rodents will come snacking on it eventually. But, is this, in fact, the best trap bait for such vermin?

While rats will feed on any food crumbs, they’re not specifically attracted to cheese. In fact, they are more likely to refuse cheese due to its strong scent, which they find off-putting. These rodents actually prefer food that is high in sugar like peanut butter, making it one of the most commonly recommended trap baits for mice.

A Clean House Is Safe From Infestations

One of the most common misconceptions about pest control is that a clean house won’t attract vermin. That’s not, however, entirely true. Keeping a home free of clutter and leftover food definitely helps but doesn’t guarantee a pest-free space.

Vermin intrude homes, searching for three things: food, shelter, and water. Any space that can provide them with those are prone to pest visits. Bed bugs are a notorious example of insects that will stay in any place they can travel to no matter the cleanliness. Termites are also attracted to properties that have wood, lumber, and moist soil—any of which can be their next colony site.

DIY Pest Control Can Solve a Bed Bug Problem

There are lots of do-it-yourself pest control tricks on the internet. While purchasing a pesticide seems like an easier and much cheaper option than getting a professional bug control service, it may not prove to be a viable solution. In reality, conducting DIY bug management can even cause further spread of infestation, making the problem significantly worse.

Bed bugs thrive not only on mattresses but also on furniture, walls, couches, and other places where they can easily prey on a host. Their ability to hide in various places, combined with their tiny size, makes them difficult to spot and eliminate. Spraying a pesticide only on the visible ones won’t ensure that there are no other bugs waiting for their turn to feed or eggs that have yet to hatch. 

Don’t Let Myths Confuse You

Arrow Services, Inc. doesn’t rely on myths and misconceptions in coming up with ways to get rid of any problem. Our solutions are viable and safe not only for people but also for the environment. Contact us for pest management services in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois!

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