Tips to Keep Pests Away During the Summer Season

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While the hot summer weather brings lots of people seeking fun and recreation outdoors, it also brings many pests searching for food and shelter indoors. For some homeowners, keeping their residence pest-free throughout the season makes summer a difficult time. But, this isn’t entirely impossible.

Seal Off Any Entry Points

With their small size, pests can easily sneak inside a property without being noticed. To prevent them from doing so, establish and strengthen your home’s defenses by sealing off any spots that can serve as their access point.

Look for any holes on the walls or ceilings that can be used by rodents or cockroaches for entry. Then, shut them off with any solid material that wouldn’t get easily chewed on or destroyed by such pests. Windows and vents shouldn’t also be overlooked. Consider installing screens with weaves that are tight enough to prevent tiny insects and vermin from slipping through.

Get Rid of Standing Water

The increase in temperature during the summer months signals the rise in mosquito activity as they thrive in hot weather. Throughout their peak season, these insects will likely enter residential or commercial areas to seek shelter, food, and water.

Generally, mosquitoes prefer damp areas. Places around the house with standing water or moisture will make the perfect habitat for them to lay eggs. Cover or remove water-filled basins, pots, birdbaths, and containers to keep them from being potential breeding grounds. Also, check the gutters for any objects, like fallen leaves, branches, and plastics that may cause clogs that will eventually accumulate standing water.

Clean the Yard

Trees are great for providing shade during the warm summer months. But they can also harbor different insects that may, later on, make their way into your home. With that, it’s essential to maintain the yard for keeping vermin away from the house.

Carpenter ants commonly thrive in and chew on trees to create nests. To prevent them from getting inside the house, keep branches and other plants away by trimming them. Also, make sure to drain any puddles brought about by watering the yard to remove potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects that thrive in wet places.

Keeping the Pests at Bay All Summer Long

With the summer being the peak season for most vermin, it’s critical to strengthen your home’s defenses against them. Arrow Services, Inc. helps property owners do that with our integrated pest management in Indiana. We provide continuous monitoring of your premises all-year-long to make sure all areas are free from mosquito eggs, bed bugs, roaches, and other summer pests. Call us to learn more about our integrated pest management in Indiana!

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