Top Five Household Pests That May Be Bugging You

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Residential pest control, at least once a year, is essential in keeping your home pest-free. We have listed five common pests to help you identify which household bugs and pests might be present in your home.


Aside from transmitting diseases such as salmonella and hepatitis, these creatures can contaminate food, stain surfaces, and destroy clothing. These household pests can live for a month with no food and a week with no water. Getting rid of cockroaches is a challenge, but traps and bug sprays can eliminate them. Removing any source of food and water for these tiny creatures will also help get rid of them from your home.


These tiny creatures can crawl on the floor, walls, furniture, glassware, and even on your skin. Their small size makes them difficult to see. If you live with a pet at home, it is highly probable that ticks and fleas are scurrying in the house. These parasites live off of cats’ and dogs’ bodies while sucking blood. They pose diseases not only to your pets but also to humans.


One of the most destructive pests is termites. A colony of two million termites can easily destroy a house in less than a year. In most cases, the damage is not noticeable in the first months of a termite infestation but will eventually be obvious after three years. These tiny and terrible pests attack the lumber of your home, causing huge damage to your house’s foundation and structure. They also pest around and destroy furniture, important documents, and books.


We all know how irritating and uncomfortable ant bites are. Aside from causing discomfort, they also pose destructive effects to your house. There is a specific type of ant that can cause the same amount of damage termites can do to porches, windows, and ceilings. Carpenter ants build nests on moist and hollow areas. They cause lumber damage by moving around and tunneling through the wood.


Rats and mice are some of the most common pests in a household. Both of them are known to nibble at objects like clothing, books, and pillows. They also leave traces of their urine and excrement everywhere. To get rid of these pests, remove any possible source of food and water, especially in dark spaces like kitchen cabinets, attics, and trash bins.

These are some of the most common household pests that may be present in your home. To prevent further harm and damage to your house and health, contact Arrow Services Inc. right away. We provide professional pest management services to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

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