Different Things That Attract Bed Bugs Into Your Home

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Bed bugs are tiny creatures that feed on people’s blood. These insects can be found in your furniture, wall crevices, mattress seams, and of course, your bed. They inflict painful bites that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Many people believe that dirty homes attract these pests, but that’s not always the case. These insects can be found even in the cleanest houses. Here are the things that attract bed bugs:

Carbon Dioxide

Bed bugs are more active when people are asleep. Aside from blood, these pests are also attracted to carbon dioxide (CO2). Bed bugs thrive in places with a lot of this gas. CO2 serves as a signal for these insects, like a dinner bell for their next meal. We create a cloud of carbon dioxide by breathing, and because we don’t move around too much while sleeping, the gas we exhale becomes concentrated in our bed area.


Bed bugs travel and search for hosts. There’s one more thing that these insects are attracted to warmth. Your body temperature rises while you’re asleep, and body heat draws these pests out of hiding. These insects can detect our warmth from up to three feet away. When they sense your body heat, you become suitable prey.

These insects are also attracted to the warmth trapped in bedsheets. They will congregate around the area near the headboard of your bed, and if they stay for long, these pests will multiply in numbers.

Dirty Laundry

Dirty laundry produces a scent that attracts bed bugs. Aside from heat and carbon dioxide, these pests also love the smell of our body oils and sweat. Dirty laundry left for too long is perfect for bed bugs to nest in and reproduce.

Dark Bedding

Bed bug control studies observed the color preference of bed bugs. It was found that these insects are attracted to black and red colors. Naturally, these pests like the dark, and the two colors mimic darkness and blood. Dark sheets can attract bed bugs, and these sheets make it harder to spot these pests.

Eliminate Bed Bugs Today

Bed bugs can be troublesome. They not only suck your blood but also spread many diseases. If you have issues dealing with bed bugs, call a pest control specialist today! Arrow Services Inc. provides bed bug control to help you get rid of these insects. Contact us to learn more!

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