How To Bed Bug-Proof Your Home This Winter Season

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It feels great to get snug and curl up to enjoy the warm hug of a blanket during winter. Bed bugs, however, can hide and take refuge in your sheets. These pests can ruin anyone’s day with itchy bites that cause sleep deprivation and trigger allergic reactions. A bed bug exterminator can help eliminate these pests and provide tips on how to keep them away.

Bed bugs can only survive winter by hiding in warm areas of your home. They can be on your bed, your couch, or in the folds of curtains or clothes. Before dying, bed bugs usually lay eggs that hatch once the weather warms up again. Here are some tips to prevent them from pestering you this winter:

  • Wash everything once you get home from traveling.
    When traveling, there’s a possibility that the place you’ll stay in is infested with bed bugs. Washing everything once you get home, including the bags and clothes used during the trip, will prevent them from spreading into your home when you return from your trip.
  • Use duffel bags instead of suitcases.
    Duffel bags are easier to wash compared to suitcases. This makes cleaning the bag, along with your clothes, more straightforward. Unlike suitcases, using duffel bags also allows you to pack lighter, lessening the number of clothes that can be exposed to bed bugs.
  • Buy bedbug-proof covers for mattresses.
    These covers trap both the bugs and their eggs. These protective tops’ bright colors also make it easier and faster to spot the pests. Additionally, these covers are helpful in throwing out mattresses, as they stop the bugs from jumping from the bed onto other furniture on your way out.
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs regularly.
    Vacuuming the carpets and rugs in your house at least once a week lessens the chances of bed bugs spreading around your home. This allows you to catch any bed bug or its eggs before they hatch. Dispose of the contents of your vacuum in a sealable plastic bag right away, making sure not to let any trapped bugs escape.
  • Repel bed bugs by using essential oils.
    Cinnamon, clove, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, thyme, eucalyptus, and tea tree are a few of the easily available essential oils helpful in preventing bed bug infestations. Spray it all over coats, totes, handbags, backpacks, and luggage after adding six to ten drops in a small spray bottle that has ¼ cup of water.

Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs Today!

With winter fast approaching, bed bugs will start looking for homes to seek shelter and lay eggs in. Prevent bed bugs from bothering you this winter season by hiring a bed bug exterminator.

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