The Common Pests You Should Look Out For During Fall

As summer comes to a close and the temperature starts to drop, critters begin to seek shelter and food sources in warm settings. For some of them, homes or business establishments are the most ideal places to go to, which results in an influx of infestations.

It’s essential to identify which pests you should look out for to defend your property against these nuisances. Here are some of the most common intruders during the fall season:


In preparation for the incoming winter, rats in Ohio and other places stockpile large quantities of food for later consumption during autumn. They search for anything they can feed on—fruits, vegetables, carcasses, table scraps, and more. All of these attract them indoors, which explains their increased activity within residential and commercial properties during the fall season.

Keep rats out of your home by sealing openings, vents, and holes they can use to sneak indoors. Mice and smaller rats can enter through the smallest cracks, so make sure not to miss any of them when looking for potential entry points. Dispose of clutter and junk and cover garbage bins that may lure rats further into the house. If you notice their presence within the premises, call for a pest company that can eliminate rats in Ohio and other locations.

House Spiders

Late summer to fall is the mating period of most house spiders. During this time, homeowners may see mature male spiders roaming around within their premises more often. But they didn’t necessarily come from outdoors; rather, it’s most likely that these insects have been present all along. They just began emerging from their lairs to search for a mate and lay eggs before winter comes.

Spiders follow and feed on insects, such as fruit flies, mosquitoes, and moths. Keeping your place clean and disposing of items that attract such insects will help turn spiders away.

Stinging Insects

By fall, the colonies of most stinging insects like yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets have fully matured and are already capable of sheltering thousands of their kind. During this time, their food sources begin to diminish. As they work hard to supply their dietary needs, their behavior tends to become more aggressive, causing them to attack anyone who poses a threat to their colony.

To avoid possible contact with stinging insects, stay clear of areas where their nests are usually found, such as trees, shrubs, and yards. Seal all cracks and crevices as well as garbage cans in which they’re attracted to in order to keep them from moving indoors.

Providing You With Defense Against Fall Pests

With Arrow Services, Inc.’s wide range of services, you wouldn’t have to worry about fall intruders like spiders, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and rats in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. Let us know about your pest problems and rest assured that we’ll handle it safely and effectively. Call us today.

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