The Worst Kinds of Pests to Look Out For During the Summer

Typical summer checklists include barbecue parties, out-of-town trips, sleepovers with friends, and other activities. But as the warm season continues, you may want to add another item to that list: pest control in Indiana.

It’s not as “fun” as the other items on the list. But people may find an increasing number of vermin activities during the warm season since most of them favor humid conditions. Find out what kinds of pests people should look out for during this time below.


Mosquitoes are cold-blooded creatures, which means their body temperature and development depend on their surroundings. Some species hibernate during the cold months. And as the temperature and the air moisture increase, they reemerge to reproduce or find for food, and the eggs hatch.

Mosquitoes thrive in warm, damp environments. This makes the hot summer months ideal for their growth and survival. During periods of drought, they will likely search for moist areas inside your home to breed and mature. So, make it a habit to drain stagnant water at home that mosquitoes can use as a breeding ground, such as gutters and buckets.

Winged Carpenter Ants

Flying carpenter ants are another common pest that comes out during the warm season. Male winged carpenter ants mate with the females, particularly during the late spring or early months of summer, which signals the beginning of their life cycle. Soon after mating, the female ants shed their wings while the males die in the process. This is the reason why people see remnants of insect wings lying around their homes during this period.


Unlike other pests, termites don’t hibernate. They’re present all year round. In some countries like the United States, however, their swarming season commonly occurs in the spring—but summer is when they significantly grow in number. During these months, they leave their nests and establish new colonies in other places. And unfortunately, that could be inside the house or property.

Termites can be difficult to detect as they usually build their colonies beneath the soil or in the most discreet of places within your house. But if you recognize signs of a possible infestation, it’s best to immediately call for termite control in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, or Illinois to minimize the potential damage.

Bed Bugs

Although technically a year-round pest, cases of bed bug infestations usually increase between June and October. The rise in heat and humidity during these months make them want to feed and breed more often. Also, as travel activities climb in the summer, these notorious hitchhikers can stick to more people, luggage, and clothing, creating further infestations.

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