Why Are Pests More Active in the Summer?

For most people, summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities—beach and road trips, backyard parties, out-of-town travels—you name it. People do lots of things to distract themselves from the blazing heat. But as humans seek fun outside their homes, some creatures silently creep into their private spaces unwelcomed.

The rise in temperature usually signals increased activity among pests. Unfortunately, that’s not good news for people who just want to enjoy the summer without being bothered by such vermin. But why do they seem to like the warm season? Below are some reasons:

Longer Daylight

Most pests prefer working during the daytime, and only some of them are active at night. Summer is the season of longer days and shorter nights, which means more time for food searching and nest building that results in an increase in their population.

Increased Moisture

Pests thrive and reproduce in wet and humid conditions, which makes the warm summer months favorable for their survival due to increased air moisture. But since it’s hot, some insects like mosquitoes would find places indoor for shelter. Usually, they seek home and breeding ground in damp places inside the house, such as the gutters, bathrooms, or air coolers.

Hibernation in Insects

Like many cold-blooded creatures, insects hibernate during the cold seasons and then wake up as the temperature of their environment rises. Upon waking up from hibernation, these vermin go back to reproducing and searching for food to survive, which results in increased pest activity during the summer months. Ants, for example, reproduce during this time to further expand the size of their colonies, protecting themselves for the colder months when they become inactive.

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